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We are short of Level 3 staff and need them for the ratios – but the GCSE rule is making it impossible to recruit. There simply are not the people available to fill the roles.

The policy has actually meant that we have changed our whole approach to recruitment – we used to pride ourselves on helping to train staff in childcare and would always take on unqualified practitioners and put them through training. But we no longer take them on as there is no guarantee they will get the GCSE grades in maths and English that they now need, and we cannot afford the cost if they don’t. So instead we now look to recruit qualified Level 3 staff – but struggle to find them. It is a classic Catch-22 situation.

We have three amazing members of staff who are currently studying towards the Level 3 diploma but they also need both or one of GCSE English or Maths to qualify. It is such a shame that we cannot use them as Level 3 staff. We also have two members of staff on their second year of re-taking GCSE. The shame is that these are fantastic people who would do the job at Level 3 superbly – but they do not have the GCSE qualification.

The Government’s policy is not only stopping us and other settings from recruiting the people we need – it is stopping brilliant people from working with children. And the people who are suffering the most are the children.

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