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We have managed to secure enough Level 2 staff for the coming year but the Level 3 recruitment problems are severe – this is a major problem that is resulting in higher recruitment costs and salaries, and we are 50% down on Level 3 staff, including apprentices. Our budget in this year has had to be trebled from 12 months ago. The reason for this is clear – the GCSE-only rule.

The other major impact of the GCSE rule, and the staffing issues that it is causing, is that we have had to cut back on the number of children with special educational needs we have, unless they are fully funded, which is rare. This has been hugely disappointing but we have had little choice. We have even had to introduce a new clause giving us the right to exclude children that require support outside of standard ratios. There is some discretion but it is reflective of the current employment situation.

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