Poppets Day Nursery in based in Ongar, Essex

poppetsWe are driving to achieve a system where all our nursery’s practitioners are Level 3 but are having great difficulty doing so. We are having to use bank staff to cover the shortfall in order to cover ratios and this increases our wage costs by almost double for each practitioner (c.£14 p/h vice c.£7.50 ph). This in turn costs parents more. The business cannot support such a hike in wages. A number of our promising Level 2 practitioners, whom we were hoping to train up over the last two years, have pulled out of training because of the requirement for GCSEs. Also, older staff, so valuable in providing care with the experience they bring, are completely discouraged – they don’t want to have to go back to study GCSEs. This employment black hole has become much worse over the last year and is only an increasing trend. We must remove this GCSE stipulation before it wrecks the industry. There is no need for it – our practitioners are excellent, and quite capable of teaching those under five the maths and English they require.

One thought on “FRONT LINE: David Bessell, Owner/Director of Poppets Day Nursery

  1. I am becoming more and more under pressure with regards level 2 staff moving on to level 3. Over the years we have had 10-12 apprentices completing a level 2 and moving on to a level 3. This year and last we have had 1-2 learners move on to level 3

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