Cygnet Nursery is based in Kidlington, Oxfordshire

We are a 72-place day nursery and will need to recruit two full-time equivalent staff early in the new term – we have been looking for some time with no success. Both places are ideally for Level 3 Early Years Educators but we are now at a point where we will take Level 2 practitioners and offer training. Our recruitment problems are definitely worse than 12 months ago. Up to a year ago we regularly had potential employees cold-calling us. Now we are not even getting enquiries from overseas applicants. I believe that the GCSE requirement has certainly affected the number of students applying for childcare places at college and it also appears to have affected the number of applicants applying for positions with on-the-job training, another route for which we used to receive numerous speculative enquiries. The sooner the policy is changed the better.

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