Georgia Darley is currently working at Primley Park Nursery, Leeds

I left school in June 2014 and went on to do a level 2 apprenticeship in a childcare setting in September 2014, which I was told would lead me on to level 3. At entry to the level 2 I was asked for qualifications and although I got a B in English Language at GCSE, I got a D in maths. They told me that if I wanted to do my level 3, I would have to somehow sit my GCSE exam privately, alongside my current employment.

Since leaving school, I have now sat my maths GCSE exam three times, as well as paying for tutoring, on top of working 40 hours a week. This has cost me £2000 of my own money and I am now waiting for my maths results to be released, which will be in January 2017.

The current requirement for level 3 is ridiculous, especially as not one single person at my current setting, who all who did their level 3 before the introduction of the new requirement, have a grade C or above in maths at GCSE.

The maths exam is just simply something I can’t seem to get to grips with and I’m really struggling with it, despite my best efforts. At the moment, I am a deputy room leader at level 2 and all the senior staff have a great deal of confidence in me doing my job. It is not fair that such a little thing, like maths, can stop people progressing, even if they are trusted in the setting and have a real passion for the job. I don’t believe that many people in my shoes would have the patience to re-sit an exam, over and over again, alongside paying for tutoring and working 40 hours a week.

I fully stand by the Save our Early Years Campaign and agree with everything that you are working to achieve for the sector.


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