Abbie Thompson is a Level 2 Apprenticeship Graduate currently trying to move up to Level 3

I have struggled for a long time to get to where I want to be in my career. I wanted to progress from level 2 to level 3 and then go on to study early years at university, but I was told that this would not be possible, due to the changes in early years qualifications requirement.

The GCSE-only rule means that hard-working and passionate staff members like me aren’t able to progress. I strongly believe that the skills and characteristics that matter most – to help become a successful early years educator – are to be caring, a good communicator, a good listener and to have confidence and patience. Not GCSEs.

Reinstating Functional Skills as an alternative to the GCSE requirement would mean everything to me. At last, I would have the opportunity to study level 3 and progress much further in my career, without a restriction.

One thought on “FRONT LINE: Abbie Thompson, Level 2 Apprenticeship Graduate

  1. we need to save our early years! before no one has a job and everyone is out of one
    i have worked in a nursery soon as i left school,as i did my 2 year placement their for health and social which i achieved a diploma!
    i could not go straight onto my level three for some reason so i had to do my level 2,which then got me into this situation of maths and english i already have functional skills level 2,but when have we ever needed algebra in education? we should teach them the stuff they need, im currently waiting for my maths re sit gcse grade which is never going to end well, all the tears and sweat and even money coming out of mine and my family’s pocket to fund extra tuition for something i love and adore doing!

    lets face it most of the qualified members of staff do not even have a grace c in maths and english!! so how is it fair now?

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