I hope that the government makes a decision on the GCSE-only requirement for Level 3 study. It is such a shame, as I love everything about my job, yet I feel stuck as I don’t have my maths GCSE, so I am not able to progress further.

I have a GCSE in English, and I completely agree that you do need good language skills as part of the job. I don’t, however, see the same need for maths GCSE, as you are teaching children to count to basic numbers and basic shapes.

The requirement has tied me down in an awful situation, as I have tried to find somewhere to study maths at GCSE level for two years now.

It feels as though I will be stuck in a job where I cannot progress further, until the government makes a decision. I would love to work with children for a long time and progress much higher in my studies and my career.

The government can either make a U-turn, or decide not to, but they need to think of people like me who are depressed and down as a result of not being able to progress further or finding it difficult to find an alternative career path as a result.


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