I am a Level 2 nursery practitioner at a private nursery and I have worked there for nearly three years now. I am currently half way through studying for my Level 3, but the only thing stopping me from fully achieving the qualification is the fact that I do not have a grade C in maths at GCSE. The government’s GCSE only requirement is a major concern for me as I worry about my job and the fact that I may not be able to carry on pursuing a career that I love.

I believe that the skills required to be a good early years practitioner, such as myself, is good communication, a good knowledge and understanding of childcare, being able to deal well with arising situations and most importantly, being able to create exciting environments with challenging activities that help children to learn and develop. It’s not that maths isn’t important, but as long as you have the basic maths skills required for the job, I don’t see a problem.

It would mean the world to me if the decision was reversed. Time is running out for everybody, and we just want to know when the government is going to make a decision, so we can plan ahead and know if we are able to achieve the career we want to.  My career and my future rest on the government’s decision.

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